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C-hook<br />C-hook

C-hooks are used to transport loads with cavities, suxh as coils of sheet metal, coils of wire, rolls of paper, pipes, etc. 

The C-hook is balanced by a counterweight so that the loading surface of the C-hook is horizontal in the unloaded state so that the load can be easily picked up.

When picking up the load, the load must be supported on the stop surface. After lifting the load, the C-hook must be tilted back slightly to prevent the load from slipping during transport.

The construction of the upper hinge corresponds to the crane hook on which the C-hook will be hung. The upper hinge can also be adapted for hanging on several types of hooks.

To protect the load from damage, the loading and stopping surface of the C-hook can be lined with secutex.

In the case of transporting loads that consist of only one piece, it is possible to shorten the loading area by up to 1/4, which can contribute, for example, to the reduction of aisles between the rolls.


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