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Industrial trailers

Industrial trailers

Industrial trailer to handle any type of load even if in presence of limited spaces. 

To operate in limited spaces a series of steering trailers are available with centre-corrected vault, to minimize curvature radius. 

To handle loads whose centre of gravity is high and off-centre, are available steering trailers on telescope supports instead of on ball-bearing fifth wheel. 

To operate on bumpy floorings, industrial trailer may be equipped with superelastic or pneumatic tyres.

Further to handle special loads, MORELLO Company has conceived industrial trailer with distinguished features, with superstructure or shapes suitables to solve Customer’s transportation problems.

Main features

  • Steel plate, wooden or open loading platform
  • Solid, superelastic or pneumatic tyre wheels
  • Simple or centre-corrected vault steering; on ball-bearing fifth wheel or on turning telescope supports
  • On request it is possible to have: braking system, lighting system, superstructures, side panels, fixed or movable covering, columns to control load, spring or hydraulic suspension


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